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Rescheduling: Tech in the service of delivery

The analysis

The greatest aspiration of those who buy online is to be in control of their own shopping experience. In the post-sales phase, the critical moment of delivery has taken on a pivotal role, becoming the main innovation putting the Consumer firmly at the helm. More and more couriers allow you to choose the day and time of delivery, but when a package leaves the warehouse, changing your mind is impossible. The evidence gathered in the field by Milkman, whose technological platform allows recipients to re-schedule appointments, for free, until the last minute, demonstrates the importance of this and other options. Because every delay accumulated in front of an empty address translates in lost efficiency and useless frustration for those who buy online.





We analyzed 500,000 orders delivered in Milan:

How many users reschedule?
How many times do they reprogram?
How many anticipate delivery?
How many delay delivery?
How many choose the "concierge" service?

... and so on!